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Alternative Investment Option

The Alternative Investment Option (AIO) is a third form of investment under the Citizenship by Investment Programme. The AIO will provide the Government with the means of achieving its capital investments goals without having to endure the drawbacks associated with the use of its existing limited resources or from taking additional debt.

Potential projects should be identified and listed by the Government or can be brought forward by private individuals with access to financing who approach the Government with potential projects not on the Government’s infrastructure list. However, the asset when completed and operated for a reasonable period of time (that allows for a reasonable return on investment) must be turned over to the Government in a maintained condition consistent with prudent ownership.

For those projects on the Government’s infrastructure list, they can be advertised seeking expressions of interest for initial review by the Government and the creation of individual project “short lists”. The Government will endeavor to ensure that to the extent practicable, shortlisted companies will not only maximize local employment but also embark upon programs including transfer of technology and capacity building.

There will be two categories of AIO:

  • A Public Good Project Developer (PGPD), where the State owns the asset at the end of an agreement. These projects are fully funded by the PGPD and locked in “up front”. The minimum Unit of Investment will be USD 175,000.00. All other fees will apply as per the real estate option.
  • A Private Enterprise Developer (PED), where the built or funded asset is privately owned. In this option, the minimum Unit of Investment will be USD 200,000.00 and standard real estate government fees will apply.